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Florence Duomo: Skip the Line Tour.

Skip the line and save time.

    Admire the incredible beauty of Florence's Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore on this comprehensive guided tour and save hours of queuing with these reserved entry tickets. Learn about the history of this monument and how it evolved over the centuries to become the crown jewel of Florence.

    • Our expert guide will give you a sweeping tour of Florence's crown jewel, the Duomo with an account of how it was built.
    • These reserved entry tickets will let you step into the building and experience the Duomo without any hassle.
    • Audio headsets will be provided so that you do not miss any detail of the explanation given by the guide.


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Florence Duomo: Skip the Line Tour with Cupola Climb.

Skip-the-line access - With professional guide.

    Visit the Duomo, the majestic Renaissance basilica that towers over the city of Florence. Climb to the top of the cupola to get spectacular views of the city and pick up fascinating facts about the cupola's history. After the tour, feel free to explore the interiors of the Duomo and the Opera museum before heading home.

    • Enjoy reserved access to the Duomo Cupola - one of the tallest vantage points of Florence and an icon of the city.
    • With the help of a licensed guide, learn fascinating facts about the Duomo Cupola and climb to its top.
    • Small group size to ensure a private and engrossing experience.
    • Enjoy unlimited time inside the Duomo and its museum after your 1-hour guided tour of the Cupola.


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Guided Tour of Duomo Monumental Complex with Duomo Museum.

Skip-the-line access - With professional guide.

    Tour the Piazza del Duomo and experience 1500 years of culture and history. Discover the numerous treasures housed within these monuments with commentary from a professional guide. Bypass the snaking queues and spend more time enjoying the stunning architecture and works of art!

    • Delve into the history and culture of Florence on this comprehensive guided tour of Piazza del Duomo.
    • Enjoy priority access to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the St. John's Baptistery and the Museum of the Works of the Cathedral.
    • Bask in the beauty of some of the greatest works of art by eminent artists and sculptors of Florence.


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Exclusive Tour of Florence Duomo with Dome and Secret Terraces Access.

Skip-the-line access - With professional guide.

    Take a tour through the marvel of architecture that dominates Florence's exquisite skyline, the Duomo. You won't find a better view of the city than the one that can be seen from the terraces of this magnificent structure!

    • Guided tour of the Florence Cathedral.
    • Small group size to ensure a more immersive and engrossing experience.
    • Guided tour and access to the Terrace of Duomo and priority access to the top of the Dome.
    • 72 hours ticket to the Duomo Complex allowing access to Santa Maria Del Fiore, Crypt of Santa Reparata, Opera Del Duomo Museum, Giotto’s Bell Tower and Brunelleschi’s Dome.


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How to get

Florence Duomo history

The cathedral of Florence (Cattedrale di Firenze) began to be built in 1296 in Gothic style. In principle it was dedicated to Santa Reparada, but with the new work begun at the beginning of the 15th century, the Mother of God was consecrated with the title of Santa Maria del Fiore.

In 1418 some octagonal pillars and drum had been fixed, although the technical system to follow in the construction of the dome was not yet determined. The rivalry between the Italian city-states promoted a construction that would exceed in size and height any other in Italy. Filippo Brunelleschi then proposes a dome inspired by the Gothic tradition of stone vaulting and the principles of Roman construction.

The design combines the virtues of a self-supporting dome with the floor of a faceted octagonal dome. The dome is built based on two parallel shells, which helps reduce its total weight: the inner dome, made of brick and stone, is reinforced by ribs and concentric horizontal ribs; the interior protects the whole from the weather.

Both are joined by blocks of stone. However, the greatest merit of the building is that the dome could be erected without the need to build scaffolds from the base of the church - which would have meant a quantity of wood and an unattainable building system for the technology of the time -, so that the parts that were being concluded served as support for the scaffolding of the upper sections. Modillions protruding at the base of the vault served to support the scaffolding during construction. The dome is the most important element of the cathedral.

The apses of the facade, in the form of an octagonal half, were built in 1421, and the dimensions of the cruciform plan of the original Gothic building increased considerably. The white, red and green marble inlay in the bands, together with the cornices, give the building a horizontal character, in contrast to the verticality of conventional Gothic architecture.

The bell tower or campanile, which is next to the cathedral has the same colored marbles on the facade. It had been started by the master Giotto in 1334, Andrea Pisano continued the construction and Francesco Talenti finished it in 1359. It has a square plant of 14 meters, on four floors, without side buttresses: the first is a low basement with reliefs; over this one, a wider one, with sculptures; the next one has split windows with ajimeces; the upper windows are taller; and the last one presents a single large window and the auction cornice. The tower reaches a height of 82 meters.

The cathedral is decorated with works by artists such as Ucello, Donatello, Nanni di Bianco and Ghirlandaio. It is 155 meters long and 107 meters high, and is, along with those of St. Peter of Rome, St. Paul in London and the Cathedral of Seville, one of the largest in the world. It is an example of the transition between the Gothic world and the new spirit of scientific and aesthetic research, confirming Italy as the focus of a new cultural empire.

Florence Duomo Tickets - Beat The Queue

The perpetual queue of people waiting to buy a ticket to Florence Duomo is a testimony to the structures popularity among locals and tourists. We understand that waiting in line for buying tickets to experience the phenomena that is Florence Duomo, can put a damper on your spirits.

You can save yourself hours of standing in these endless lines by either booking a ticket in advance, or by opting for one of the options.

1. Buy Skip The Line Florence Duomo Tickets In Advance

You can buy your Florence Duomo online tickets, well before your trip to Florence. Once you confirm your booking with the date and time of your visit, you will receive an e-copy of your ticket which you can display at Florence Duomo to gain priority access.

2. Go Early

Florence Duomo opens at 10:00 AM everyday and this is when the crowd is at its least. It's not absent, since many people do get there before the gates have opened. However, you do get to enjoy the house with a comparatively lesser crowd around.

Florence Duomo - What To Expect

Florence Duomo Guided Tour With Reserved Entrance.

On this tour, you get to explore the inner sanctums of the Duomo and have ample amount of time to breathe in its magnificence. An old church dedicated to Saint Reparata stood in the place of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore as far back as 393 AD. Many 14th Century reports spoke of the crumbling church before renovations began in the late 13th Century. The Italian architect and sculptor Arnolfo di Cambio added a gothic flavor to the monument when he redesigned it in 1296. The structure was completed in 1436 when the legendary engineer Filippo Brunelleschi added its characteristic dome. In the 19th Century, Emilio De Fabris added a facade to the exterior in a Gothic Revival fashion. The Piazza del Duomo, which encompasses the Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Florence Duomo is the largest brick dome in the world and you get to witness its overwhelming scale.

The story of the lofty Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and its Duomo are just as intriguing as the structure itself. With these tickets, you get special access that is reserved for pre-booked customers. Your guide will take you through the cathedral and explain all its interesting aspects. You will learn about how the engineers of the 14th and 15th Century worked to construct a dome as sublime as the Florence Duomo, and how Brunelleschi came up with a revolutionary way to design and build the dome. The exquisite marble floors and stained-glass windows are unmatched in their beauty. Vasari’s ‘The Last Judgement’ is only one amongst the many charming frescos housed in the cathedral. There is much to see and admire in this amazing cathedral.

By the end of your Duomo walking tour, you won’t just have “seen” Florence’s most famous cathedral; you’ll have discovered its history, stories, and what makes it so notable.


Florence Duomo: Skip the Line Tour with Cupola Climb.

Visit the Florence Duomo and enjoy reserved access to the iconic Cupola on this 1-hour guided tour. Once you’ve met your guide, you will be led past the ticket line and the group will head straight for the Duomo Cupola. The climb to the Cupola and the unparalleled views of the city from the top are the highlights of this experience. Built by Filippo Brunelleschi, this red dome was the largest in the world in its time and soon became a symbol of Florence.

Throughout your tour of the Duomo Cupola, you will be accompanied by a licensed English-speaking guide who will share fascinating insights about the Cupola, the Duomo and its jaw-dropping architecture. From your unique vantage point at the Cupola, you will be able to see the entire city of Florence. This trip to the top of the Duomo includes a 463-step climb to the top. On your way up, you will also get to marvel at the stunning Duomo interiors, including a chance to see Vasari's Last Judgment up close. While inside the Cupola, your guide will also give you first-hand information about the Cathedral which you can easily spot from inside the Cupola or from the access entrance itself.

After your guided tour of the Cupola, you are given free access to explore the Duomo at your own pace. The Duomo sits on the site of the 7th-century Church of Santa Reparata. This vast Gothic structure showcases the best of 13th and 15th-century architecture and took over 150 years to complete. A statue of each of the architects, Arnolfo di Cambio and Filippo Brunelleschi, can be found right outside the cathedral in admiration to their work.


Guided Tour of Duomo Monumental Complex with Duomo Museum.

You will go on a comprehensive tour of the Duomo Complex. You will begin your tour at the St. John’s Baptistery. The magnificent mosaic covered interior of the dome is in gleaming gold and has beautiful paintings on it. The exterior is covered in the exquisite white-grey Carrara marble with a distinct and eye-catching green Prato marble inlay. Next is a visit to Giotto’s Bell Tower. The multicolored campanile is made of red, white and green marble is undoubtedly the most beautiful in Italy.

The secrets of the Brunelleschi’s Dome will be revealed to you by the guide. Next on the itinerary is the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. The Gothic elements are visible throughout the structure, and the marble panels with different shades of pink and green, with a border made of white marble give it a majestic look. The interiors of the church are lavish, with frescoes adorning the inside of the dome and one of the greatest examples of stained glass artwork on display. You will then visit the Opera del Duomo Museum. The most important treasures are stored here, and you can see the original doors of the Florence Baptistery. Works of art by eminent sculptors, Donatello and Nanni di Banco can be seen. You will end your tour on a high note, with some authentic Chianti wine and cheese that is sure to tickle your taste buds.


Exclusive Tour of Florence Duomo with Dome and Secret Terraces Access.

Explore Florence Cathedral, its terraces and study the secrets behind its design! Avoiding the line, you will enter then, accompanied by a licensed English speaking guide, inside Santa Maria del Fiore, where you will discover the superb works of art preserved there, as Paolo Uccello’s clock, Vasari’s frescos and Bandinelli’s marble choir.

Then, take in the surreal panoramic views from multiple viewpoints on the terraces. This exclusive perspective is a sight not everyone gets! Atop the terraces, you’ll be able to get a closer look of the ‘Cupola’, the masterpiece of Brunelleschi that remains unmatched in perfection. Take in the unparalleled views of the Italian countryside from the Northern Terrace - a site recently opened to the public.

At the end of your visit, a few steps from the Cathedral square, you will be offered a delicious taste of Chianti wine and tidbits of cheese with balsamic vinegar.

Be sure to make the most of your Duomo Complex ticket to visit Giotto’s Bell Tower and the Opera Del Duomo Museum.


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